Tariff provisions

Sommer 2019 & Winter 2019 / 2020



U25 (season pass only) 1994 – 2000 For persons born 1994 – 2000
Teenager 2001 – 2003 For persons born 2001 – 2003
Children 2004 – 2013 For persons born 2004 – 2013
Infants 2014 and younger Free of charge for children born 2014 and younger accompanied by their parents
Persons with 70% or higher disability Persons with 70% or higher disability receive youth rate



Ski passes are non-transferable and must be displayed within the Controlled Zone. Lost ski passes will not be replaced. Ski passes cannot be exchanged or extended; nor can their validity be deferred to another date. Poor weather, avalanche risk, emergency departure, interruptions to operation, weather- related shut-donws of some or all installations, the blocking or crowding of ski runs etc. do not represent grounds for refunds. In addition, limited availability of lifts and runs must be expected during the pre and postseason. By purchasing a lift pass, our guests acknowledge our TERMS OF CONVEYANCE, which are displayed at each oft he lift stations. Members oft he 3LFA ski pool operate their cable cars and lift facilities. These run under their own responsibility and are legally independent units. Anyone purchasing a lift pass at the 3LFA is entitled to use the areas coverd by 3LFA ski pool. However, the defintive conveyance contract is only with the company whose facilities and ski runs are being used. With the purchase of a ski ticket you agree that a photo is taken at the turnstile to prevent ticket abuse. The photo will not be disclosed to the third parties and is deleted immediately after the expiry of the ticket.


Accidents or illness do not constitute legal ground for refunds; any refunds are given purely as a gesture of goodwill. The prerequisite for any refund ist he immediate return of the ski pass of the person involved tot he crasher´s booth where the pass was purchased. Presentation of an certificate of illness/injury from a local physician is also required. No refunds of day passes can be given – there are no exceptions! Our established refund conditions apply. We reserve the right to refuse refunds without providing any grounds for this.


Misuse of ski passes or use by third parties will result in confiscation oft he ski
pass, without replacement, and a fine amounting to € 100.–


The ski-run and rescue service only monitors marked and open ski runs – you enter offrun terrain at your own risk. The ski run operator is not liable for damaged / injury caused to a ski run user through the miscounduct of others.
Particularly reckless and dangerous skiing, and failure to observe closed ski runs or other instructions will result in loss of lift privileges. Your safety is our greatest concern and we request that you follow the FIS-rules.

Rates in Euro including 10% VAT. Prices are subject to change due to a possible value-added tax increase.

Errors excepted. Prices are subject to change.

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